Just 2 minutes away from the Wawel Castle… History of Plac na Groblach 19

Until the second half of the 19th century Plac na Groblach Square was in fact a pond that served as a port on the Vistula. It started to resemble its present-day appearance in the 19th century, when it was called Nowy Świat. According to the market regulations, every Tuesday Nowy Świat was the venue of a horse market.

The square owes its contemporary name to a levees (in Polish: grobla, plural: groble) that separated it from the Vistula. At the beginning Groble was a name given to one of the streets situated at the feet of the Wawel Hill. After some time, it became a name of the whole square.

In the 19th century people started to construct residential buildings around Groble, including tenement building no. 19, and the place has become one of the most prestigious locations in Cracow.

The building was erected as a burgher house of Anna Dębska. The construction of the house and storied outbuilding began in 1888 under supervision of Beringer.

As the years went by, the building at Plac na Groblach 19 changed owners and appearance, as it was constantly extended and modernised.

At the end of the 1950s the building was temporarily held by a company called ROLIT Stanisław Sokołowski i Ska., a producer of mercery.

In the following years this historical and charming property was neglected, but soon – through our work and your involvement as future occupants – it will again become an architectural pearl of the Old Town.

The apartments in Plac na Groblach 19 are ready to be filled with warm atmosphere, smiles and happiness by their new owners, and to begin a new chapter in history.

Visit us and see the apartments yourself!