Plac na Groblach 19

Cracow is a magical city – an enchanted world of charming corners, traces of history on cobblestone, stylish restaurants and cafes or eccentric art galleries.

The atmosphere of this place overflows with memories and history.

We are carrying out a unique project right in the heart of Cracow – Plac na Groblach 19. It combines the atmosphere of the old-town Cracow with the investment and innovative potential of the city. The investment covers general renovation of a historical property that will restore the original nature of the building (more about renovation works).

Plac na Groblach 19 offers luxury apartments in a 19th-century tenement building.

We are designing the apartments for people who value the unique Cracow style, comfortable and luxury interiors and the atmosphere of old Cracow.

We hope that the apartments we prepare for the future owners will be something more than just an address of residence – a home that you are always happy to come back to.

Plac na Groblach 19 is a new investment by Koneser Group. Similarly to our previous investments, our aim is to restore the grandeur of a historical property and create a functional and stylish living space. More about our investments.